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ICGC: Research Year Fellowship Application

Brief Description:

ICGC Research Year Fellowship Grants enable ICGC Scholars to make field-research trips—typically between the fourth and fifth years of graduate study— to support dissertation field research related to the goals of the ICGC Program.


Research Year Fellowship Grants

ICGC Research Year Fellowship Grants provide support for ICGC Scholars at the University of Minnesota who have completed 24 thesis credits and are ABD. These more substantial dissertation research grants enable students to spend six months to one year engaged in full-time research, typically at an international site, in order to produce a high-quality and timely dissertation.  The ICGC Mellon Scholars award affords students an opportunity to conduct their research in residence at UWC for six months to one year. These field-research trips typically occur between the fourth and fifth years of graduate study and support dissertation field research related to the goals of the ICGC Program. 
The ICGC Program approaches global studies from an interdisciplinary and cross-cultural perspective. Its focus is on developing societies, particularly in Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, Latin America, and the Middle East, and on minority communities within North America. It emphasizes study and research on four broad dimensions of world society: global governance and transnational norms; environmental sustainability and social justice; war and peace in historical context; and production, performance, and representation of identities. This involves examining processes in developing societies affecting:
  • Economic, political, environmental, and social change and conflict and their consequences for national and international peace and security
  • The sustainability of ecosystems, human-environment relationships, and development processes
  • The capacity of institutions to undergo redesign and reform to cope with tensions caused by political, economic, cultural, environmental, and technological change
  • Popular empowerment and the enhancement of human rights, justice, and freedoms
  • The role of disaffected and disadvantaged sectors experiencing change and conflict
  • The significance of race, class, ethnicity, and gender
  • Transnational linkages and informal networks

Award Description

Awards will vary based on the applicant's original ICGC Scholar fellowship terms. Grants will help with travel, maintenance and other expenses related to the dissertation research. Applicants are encouraged to apply to other funders for additional support if needed.

Application Process

Applications are due when ABD status is known (providing ICGC at least 3 months notice in advance is recommended).    For funding starting in Fall 2022, applications are due July 1, 2022. 

The following information is required:

  1. A completed online application form.
  2. A completed Request Form with signatures from both your Adviser and DGS acknowledging your ABD status and completion of your required exams. Forms may be turned in electronically to or in-person to the ICGC office in 537 Heller Hall.  If you are traveling and unable to submit this form, contact for other arrangements.

Special Eligibility Requirements:

These grants are restricted to current ICGC Scholars who are ABD and have completed 24 thesis credits.  The grants are intended to support final dissertation research.

Contact Information:

For questions about this application, please contact ICGC UMN at

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